While we endeavored tirelessly to create the perfect masterpiece, inevitably a few flaws have popped up. Below is a list of those discovered to date…PLUS some historical discoveries since the book was published. If you come across others, please email us so we can add them to the list.


Pages 109, 222: Ken "Mallard" should be "Millard." (Thanks Stork!)
Page 115: Rich Knerr's last name is missing the "K." (Thanks Shawn!)
Page 140: IRA should be IRS.
(Thanks Shawn!)
Page 231: The group was the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association.
(Thanks Goldy!)
Page 231: The convention room is called the Stadium Club. (Thanks Goldy!)
Page 235: Floating Free was nominated for an Academy Award.
(Thanks Goldy!)
Page 249: A blue FS1, MIP, with printed insert has been found.
Page 264–265: An ATPP MIP sealed with Wham-O stickers & a Wham-O insert has been found in 2016!
Page 266:
It's been learned that the Horseshoe Set shown in Figures 3 & 4 is NOT the first version, but the second version probably dating to early 1958. The first version from late 1957 has two red and two white WPP1s with foil labels, no red tape on the posts, no printed instructions, no measuring cord, "wamo" printed on the box, and the paper label on the box was printed in only two colors: black & green.
Pages 269 & 349: A blue WPP4 has been found…MIP!
Pages 270, 279 & 349: A second apricot WPP5 was reported in 2011...MIP!
Pages 270 & 349: Two apricot WPP6s have been found.
Page 367: The Monsanto ad appeared in 1957, not "circa 1950."
Page 370: A Pluto Platter Pilot's License has been found.

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