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At last…Fred Morrison, Inventor of the First Plastic Flying Disc…Speaks Out!

"Frisbee History has been horribly botched; nobody ever gits it right…and I've been the subject of some cheap shots!"

PART ONE—The Authentic History of Flying Discs!
Written by the Gran'pappy of ALL Plastic Flyin' Discs in his entertaining blend of sharp insite & dry wit, this is the first & only book to 'Git it Right!'
• Learn history from the one who made & lived it.
• It was a Popcorn Can Lid…NOT a Frisbie Pie Tin!
• What did 'PIPCO' really mean?
• Who was Fred's OTHER partner?

PART TWO—The Essential Guide to Collecting!
• A Disc Collector's Dream…a Seller's Must Have!
• 100+ candy-color pictures of historic plastic
• Tools to identify EVERY Style Flyin-Saucer and Pluto Platter ever made!
• Tons of helpful tips & advice by Master Disc Collector Phil Kennedy

You'll meet a Cast of REAL Characters!
Cast of Characters

Flyin' Disc History like you've NEVER read it or seen it before!

Who Were Those “Guys”? • Scratchin’ the Itch • The Birth of “Lid-dom” • Lids to Wedlock • The Birth of Plastic Discdom • The First Disc Design Refined • Elephant Whachamacallems? • Flyin-Saucers Become Real! • What’s a PIPCO? • Instant Success Denied! • Deftly Devious…Quittin’ Time • A Mold of Our Own • Pluto Platters Enter Discdom • Who Was That Guy? • The Amalgamation • Hoops and Platters • The Morrisons Take a Hit • The Man Who Made It Happen • Speculation • Getting Personal • All Did NOT Go Well • The Bombshell • Mr. Eye-Opener • Distortion and Unhappiness • A Date to Remember • Li’l Abner Fallacy • PIPCO Reconstituted • The Patent Letters • Stancil Johnson, “Super Shrink” • “The Boys” • “Steady Ed” Headrick • Goldy Norton…and MORE!

Thrills of Disc Collecting • Getting into Collecting • Grading a Disc’s Condition • Dozens of Detailed Photos to Help Rate a Disc • Important Discs to Collect • Tools of the Trade • Fact Finders • Pluto Platter Anatomy…and MORE!

32 Pages of eye-popping color photos of rare & historic flyin' plastic • The World's Oldest plastic flyin' disc! • The most valuable disc in the world • Every Style of Flyin-Saucer & Pluto Platter ever made…much MORE!

Over 40 pages of historical documents • The first complete Timeline of Events • Spinnin' Yarns • 30 Events That NEVER Happened! • Large Glossary of Terms • Extensive Bibliography…and MORE!

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